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Boost Your Conversions, Not Your Workload
Product Recommendations
Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
Personalized Shopping Experiences
Inventory Management
Fraud Detection
Customer Sentiment Analysis
Recommendation Engines for Content
AI Social Media Monitoring
Automated Email Marketing
Augmented Reality (AR) Shopping
AI-Driven SEO
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Potential to improve patient care, enhance diagnostic accuracy, and streamline administrative processes
Healthcare Predictive Analytics
Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
Electronic Health Record (EHR) Management
Disease Detection and Diagnostics
Healthcare Fraud Detection
Customer Sentiment Analysis
Recommendation Engines for Content
AI Social Media Monitoring
AI-Driven SEO
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Agencies & Trading

Discover The Power of AI-Driven Agency Management.
AI-Driven Lead Generation
Chatbots for Customer Service
Automated Content Creation
Predictive Analytics
AI-Enhanced Campaign Management
Data Analytics and Reporting
Social Media Management
SEO and SEM Optimization
Email Marketing Optimization
Ecommerce Automation
ERP Integration
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
Save 44%

Education sector

Personalizing learning experiences
Personalized Learning Platforms
Chatbots and Virtual Assistants
Automated Grading and Assessment
Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Student Performance Predictions
Administrative Automation
Language Translation and Accessibility
Natural Language Processing (NLP) for Education
Learning Analytics
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Real Estate & Consultants

Real estate: Stay Ahead of the Market, Streamline Your Property Deals with AI.
Automated Lead Generation
Automated Content Creation
AI-Optimized Listings
Chatbots for Customer Support
Virtual Property Tours
Tenant Screening
ERP, CRM Integration
Social Media , SEO and SEM Optimization
AI-Enabled Business Modelling
30 Days Money Back Guarantee

About Us

Workflow Automations

In the realm of sales closing, the integration of AI-driven tools has proven transformative. By automating various aspects of the sales process, such as onboarding new staff through ChatBots and CRM systems, or swiftly processing data from email attachments using ChatGPT for CRM updates, organizations are not only saving precious time but also reducing the risk of human errors. Moreover, AI tools can efficiently respond to payment confirmations, enabling the rapid preparation and dispatch of contracts to new clients. This level of automation, spanning across functions like website design, order management, and ERP systems like ERPnext, not only accelerates sales closures but also elevates the overall efficiency and reliability of sales operations.

Efficiency Enhancement

AI tools revolutionize sales processes by reducing human interaction, minimizing errors, and significantly speeding up tasks.

Data Precision & Error Minimization

AI, like ChatGPT, can swiftly extract data from email attachments, reformat, or summarize it, ensuring that it's consistently and accurately updated in CRM systems. The automation of these processes not only accelerates sales closures but also reduces the risk of errors, enhancing overall operational reliability.

Onboarding Excellence

New staff at startups can experience seamless onboarding through the assistance of ChatBots and automated CRM systems, liberating line managers and colleagues from time-consuming administrative tasks

Client Engagement

AI tools are adept at responding to payment confirmations, swiftly preparing and sending contracts to new clients. This extends to tasks such as website design, order management, and ERP system handling like ERPnext.

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Aiingo's SEO, SMM, and AI solutions, delivered by Sahara Group, have significantly boosted our online visibility and engagement. Remarkable outcomes!
Nimbus Group, through Aiingo, elevated our online presence with stunning website design, graphics, SEO, SMM, and AI. Exceptional work, outstanding results!
Marketing manager - Nimbus
Zonalmart Group, powered by Aiingo, transformed our digital presence. Their web design, graphics, SEO, SMM, and AI services delivered remarkable results
CEO - Zonalmart